Newberg Area Habitat for Humanity FAQ’s

(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Newberg Area Habitat for Humanity?

As an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, we are a non-profit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry.  The Newberg affiliate operates in a designated service area which includes the communities and surrounding areas of Newberg, Sherwood, St. Paul, Dayton, and Dundee. The Newberg affiliate is in partnership with Habitat for Humanity International to meet the basic human need for safe, decent, responsible, and affordable housing. We welcome the participation of people from all cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds who would like to build a better community.

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How does it work?

Through donations of time, money, materials and professional services, we work with prospective homeowner (partner) families, with the additional help of our many generous community volunteers, to build and rehabilitate houses. These houses are sold to our partner families at no profit and are financed with affordable, no-interest loans.

Habitat does not give houses away. In addition to affordable monthly mortgage payments, each homeowner family invests a minimum of 500 hours of their own labor “sweat equity” into building their house and the houses of others.

The mortgage payments received by Habitat are then invested into a revolving Fund for Humanity which is used to build more houses.

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Could I qualify to be a partner with Habitat?

Perhaps. In order to most effectively build communities and be good stewards of our resources, Habitat works to carefully select partner families who are not able to qualify for traditional home financing, who would be able to repay the loan, who are willing to become partners in our program, and who are in great need of decent housing. Our Family Selection Committee works closely with each applicant family, treating each application on a case-by-case basis.

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Yes. We could not build houses without the generous participation of many people in our community. Donations of building materials are a big part of the reason we can help people build affordable housing. We particularly welcome offers of materials for future delivery as our storage facilities are extremely limited.

Further, donations of money help us buy lots on which to build, pay for insurance and fees, and purchase the materials that have not been donated. We are registered as a 501(c)(3) corporation with the IRS and with the State of Oregon as a Charitable Corporation.

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Is Habitat connected to the government?

No. Habitat is a private, independent ministry. We are able to accept federal, state and local funds so long as these funds have no strings attached that would violate Habitat’s principles or limit its ability to proclaim its Christian witness.

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Does Newberg Habitat help people from other areas?

Yes. Believing that we have an obligation to share our bounty, we tithe 10 per cent of all undesignated gifts to fund Habitat for Humanity affordable housing efforts worldwide.  Moreover, as is common practice with many affiliates, the Newberg affiliate maintains reciprocal material and information exchange relationships with neighboring affiliates.

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How can I volunteer my time and skills?

We depend on each other to help do something together that is beyond the reach of any one of us. We offer many volunteer opportunities, chances to make a real difference in our community.

For information on current opportunities, visit our Volunteer page on this web site, or call our office at (503) 537-9938.

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